Other men think that Lennie is a big and strong man. They also think he’s a little bit strange, because George has told him not to talk, and the other men think it’s strange; a man who won’t talk. George told them that he’s very dumb, so they believe in that. They look at him like a child and he is the strangest man Slim has ever seen.

Although they think he’s very strange, they like him. That’s because he is nice and one hell of a good worker on the ranch, and he’s very strong. In the beginning they wondered why he didn’t talk, but they accepted it in the end.

Curley is the only one who hates Lennie. That’s because Lennie is big and strong, and Curley is smaller. Curley likes to beat people, but he can’t beat Lennie. Curley tries to make up excuses to fight with Lennie, but it doesn’t end very well when they’re fighting, Lennie gets scared and things happen . . .


George and Lennie

februar 25, 2008

After reading the first chapters in «the Mice of Men» we understand that the main characters Lennie and George have known each other for a long time. A reason which states that allegation might be that they have worked a lot together. Another reason is that George knows about Lennie’s aunt. Her name is Clara, and George talks a little bit about her in the first chapter.

A third reason is that George knows Lennie very well, and he knows that if he leaves him, he won’t survive. He will kill every single animal with fur he comes over, and be shot some day. George is also very bored of Lennie, and sometimes he is mean to him, but he knows that Lennie needs him, so he has to stick with him.

My last example from the book which states that allegation, is that when they are dreaming about their own farm, Lennie wants George to tell the «story» and he knows very well what’s in the story. He wants George to tell it, so it’s told as best as possible!

John Steinbeck

februar 19, 2008

1. The novel written by John Steinbeck which won a Pulitzer Prize was The Grapes of Wrath.

2. He was born in Salinas Valley, California. He was born on February, 20th.

3. Three of John Steinbeck’s books that were made into Hollywood films:
«East of Eden»
«The Pearl»
«Cannery Row»

4. He wrote Of Mice and Men in 1937.

5. During the Second World War, he served as a war correspondent for New York.

6. He was awarded the United States Medal of Freedom from the US President: Lyndon B. Johnson.

7. John Steinbeck’s museum is called the National Steinbeck Center.

8. John Steinbeck died when he was 66 years old.

9. People thought that «The Moon is Down» was a book written about a small village in Norway. The village was occupied by Nazis and this helped the Norwegian resistance movement.

10. Of Mice and Men:

Steinbeck depicts George and Lennie as two innocents whose dream conflicts with the realities of a world dominated by materialism and greed. Their extraordinary friendship distinguishes them from other hopeless and lonely migrant farm workers.

Steinbeck created the novel’s two main characters, George Milton and Lennie Small, to portray victims of forces beyond their control. George and Lennie are two migrant agricultural workers on a California ranch who share a dream of owning their own farm someday. They take jobs at a ranch where their hopes are at first raised but then destroyed by a tragic accident.

Linkin Park – In Pieces

februar 7, 2008

My favourite song nowadays x]

Caught in a Vicious Circle

februar 7, 2008

1. Characters in the story

She is fourteen, and a good friend of Carol and Elaine. We can say that she’s Cordelia’s «nod-doll». – Whatever Cordelia does or says, Grace agrees.

She is also fourteen and as you might understand a friend of Grace and Elaine. When Cordelia comes, Carol becomes friends with her as well. I think she’s OK, even though it doesn’t seem like she is some times. She has empathy and she can be nice. She should have got some other friends.

She is fourteen as well, and friends with Grace and Carol! xD She hates Cordelia, but anyway she respects her, and does whatever Cordelia tells her to. I don’t understand her, but she’s the protagonist, the one caught in the vicious circle. She should absolutely have got other friends, real friends.

She is terrible and evil. She do bad things and she evilly rules her new friend-gang. She makes Grace, Carol and specially Elaine do bad things for her. She treat her friends very badly and if they do anything to her, she freaks out.

2. The theme of the story

The theme is that it is easy to be caught in a vicious circle if your friends and the people around you have bad influence on you. There are some friends that are good, and some that are bad. Stick with the good friends, and keep them. If you are already caught in a vicious circle it is much more complicated to get out, so stay away from bad friends at once you meet them!
The author wants to tell us that it is important to have own opinions and you have to be yourself, not your friend, or any other people!!!

3. Likes and dislikes in the story

I like the story very well. It takes up an important theme which was a problem before, now and will always be.
The end is good. Elaine gets new friends, and she at least tries to ignore the old ones. She understands that she not can be with them, and has to move on with her life.

Short Answer

januar 30, 2008

1. The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn was first published in 1884.

2. The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn can best be described as a classic novel.

3. Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer each received $6000 when they found money that the robbers had hidden in the cave.

4. Huck’s pap returns because he wants to take Huck’s money.

5. When Jim first sees Huck on the island he thinks that he is the Sheriff who wants to take him back to miss Watson.

6. Jim runs away from miss Watson because she is going to sell him to another farmer.

7. Shouldn’t do it.

8. Shouldn’t do it.

9. Huck escapes to Jackson Island and discovers that Jim had run away too.

10. After reading the book I guess that Mark Twain is not a racist and he thinks it’s a bad thing because in his book Huck help the black slave (Jim) and I guess that that tells us something about the author…

First I’ll tell you what’s going on in this story. Huck has got $6000 from a lady because he helped her, her name is Mrs Douglas. She took him into her home, because Huck’s mother was dead and his father was a bad man who didn’t care about him, he hit him and he was always drunk.

When his father figured out that he had got $6000, he wanted the money himself, and he tried to force Huck to get the money from the man whom was taking care of them. Huck refused and instead he escaped from his father.

During his journey, he met the slave who was owned by Mrs Douglas’s sister. He was called Jim and he had also escaped from the slavery, because they were going to sell him. Jim and Huck decided to travel together. They built a raft and sailed down the Mississippi River. They experienced a lot of things together, when they sailed down the river.

Overall Jim was nice to Huck. He was always kind to Huck, and he wanted him the best. Jim is not so smart and Huck is learning him a lot of things during their experiences they had down the river and in the town they travelled to after sailing too long down the river.

Now I’m going to tell you if the trip really was a passage into manhood. The answer is yes. He experienced a lot of «man-stuff» while travelling down the river. He also got the father he never had, and he learned to be a good man, to cooperate, and he taught a lot of things to Jim. Jim was new in the country, and hadn’t learned that much yet. Huck also learn how different people behaves around in the country, how they treat the slaves and what they do for an absolutely meaningless thing like money…